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SB-SHA1 Checksum Calculator  SB-SHA1 Checksum Calculator - Freeware

SB-SHA1 Checksum Calculator is a tool to calculate and compare the SHA1 checksum of files.  The SHA1 is a 160-bit hash function which resembles the earlier MD5 algorithm. This was designed by the National Security Agency (NSA) to be part of the Digital Signature Algorithm.

How to use SB-SHA1 Checksum Calculator.

Here is the main screen:

SB-SHA1 Calculator main screen

How do you get an SHA1 checksum of a file?

  1. Press the Browse button.  This will allow to to select a file:

SB-SHA1 Calculator OpenFile

I will select SetupMD5.exe.

SB-SHA1 Calculator Calculate SHA1 value

You will notice in the MD5 field the value 51e47833d0e42a90b84f37f8456b1a0f2601c6eb  This is the SHA1 checksum value.

2.  I can compare the SHA1 checksum value with another file to see if they are the same.  Press the Compare button this will allow you to select a file to compare with:

SB-SHA1  Calculator Open file

In this case, I will select the same file SetupMD5.exe

SB-SHA1 Calculator Compare files match

You will notice that SHA1 checksum value of the file I just selected turned green.  This indicates that the files are the same.  If I were to select a file that was slightly different, it would have turned red:

SB-SHA1 Calculator Compare file doesn’t match

If I happened to copy to the clipboard an SHA1 value, SB-SHA1 will automatically check if the SHA1 values are the same with the first file you selected:

SB-SHA1 Calculator Clipboard value matches.

What do the other options do?

If you check the Show results in upper case checkbox, SB-SHA1 will display the SHA1 checksum values in upper case.

If you press the  Clear button,  all the fields will be cleared out and ready for new files to calculate SHA1 checksums.

If you press the Exit button, SB-SHA1 will exit back to Windows.

If you cleick the link, SB-SHA1 will display the ToolsPc home page using your default web browser.

If you click the Products link, SB-SHA1 will display another page showing other products that we offer.

If you click the Donate link, SB-SHA1 will open CzechMex LLC PayPal donate page that will alow you to donate to this program for further development.  SB-SHA1 is totally free.

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