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 SB-ASCII Manager 1.0

SB-ASCII Manager lets you find out which keystroke has which ASCII value.  SB-ASCII Manager enables you to easily convert ASCII characters to their hex, decimal, and binary representations.

How to find the ascii representation of a key:

SB-ASCII Manager

1.  Press any key on the keyboard.  In this case I will press A

SB-ASCII Manager

As you can see, the letter A is in the preview window.  

The ascii value of letter A is 65  SB-ASCII Manager will also display the octal, Hexadecimal and Binary values of        the key pressed.

If you click the Character Map, SB-ASCII Manager will display Microsofts Character Map utility:

SB-ASCII Manager Character rMap

If you click the Ascii Chart link, SB-ASCII Manager will display an Ascii Chart:

SB-ASCII Manager ASCII Chart

What the other links do:

SB-ASCII Manager Links

If you click the Update link, you will do to the download page of and check if there is a new version of SB-ASCII Manager.

If you click the Products link,  you will see other products that we provide.

If you click the Donate Link:  SB-ASCII Manager is absolutely free. But if you would like to donate some change, this will help with further development of this program.

If you click the Help Link,  this help page will be displayed.

Clicking the SB-ASCII Manager Exit Button button will exit SB-ASCII Manager.

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