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Monthly Archives: SEPTEMBER 2015

Sep 21

You keep hearing there are all these scary things to avoid while being online. There are so many confusing topics and just a lot of noise out there about what you should be doing and shouldn’t be doing. You get to the point where it’s easier to just not go online! You ask yourself, what sites should I go on, which ones to I avoid, what e-mails can I open, and can I download anything or not? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself and become aware of.

Why is this important?

The bottom line is the Internet is an amazing utility to use in your daily life to connect with friends and family, do some shopping, and get work done much faster. Just as there are scams you need to be aware of in your daily life, you need to be aware online. Unfortunately ...


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Sep 3
posted by admin on 03.09.15 09:09 as Training

No matter who you are, where you work, or what type of computer you use - your computer data is always as risk. With viruses, power surges, thunderstorms, natural disasters, human mistakes, and hackers around, the threats are always real. To be on the safe side, you’ll need to back up your files and keep doing it on a regular basis. In the event of your hard drive failing, you’ll need data recovery - which is the only option available.

Before you travel down that long road of data recovery, there are some things to keep in mind. If you are using your computer and a program starts to act funny, you should shut things down immediately. You may also hear some very odd sounds as well, which is the first sign that your hard driving is working overtime. If you shut your computer down immediately at this point, you ...


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